Sectional Resources

The IHSA Sectional Handbook is the official document to prepare your sectional meeting and tournament, but it is always a good idea to highlight a few of these points.

Sectional Meeting

Making the Draw

Download (Excel Brackets for a 16 Draw) (Excel Brackets for a 32 Draw)

  • Have blank copies of the singles draw and doubles draw for coaches to fill out.
  • Have small pieces of paper in case a vote is to be made for the seeds.
  • Have 3 X 5 index cards available so each coach can write down their singles players and doubles teams. This will speed up the process of making the draw.
  • Bring a laptop or have the meeting in an area where the draw can be entered into the computer as the draw is being made.
  • Copy the official draws before all coaches leave and have a copy of the team scoring spreadsheet ready so it can be attached to the draw.
  • Have coaches write down their email addresses so you can email the completed sectional draw as an attachment once the tournament is completed.
  • Email the completed draw to the local press.

Tournament Specifics

  • Discuss the plans for inclement weather (where to play, where to meet, who to contact)
  • Discuss the starting time, alternate sites (if available), and how many rounds will be played on Friday.
  • Discuss the latest time to put a match on and when uncompleted matches will be finished.
  • Stress the importance of following the IHSA rules for apparel (school name or mascot on shirts, similar colored shirts and shorts, one 2 square inch advertising label on each item of clothing)

Sectional Tournament

Beginning of Tournament

  • Check the height of all nets and have additional net straps and roll-dris available
  • Remind players of regular scoring (unless it is to be played indoors)
  • Discuss importance of following the code of conduct (this is their warning). If the players know that it will be enforced, the players will be on their best behavior.
  • Have water and ice available for players.
  • Have typed copies of the draw available for parents, players, and press.

Second Day of Tournament

  • Enter the results into your spreadsheet; this will make the afternoon run smoothly.
  • Have your awards easily accessible.
  • Enter your results in as the day progresses (it would be great to have a laptop).
  • Complete all online information on the IHSA website.
  • Email the completed draws and team scoring spreadsheets to the participating coaches.

***If you have something to add to this list, please let me know ( This is always a working document and I hope that this helps your sectional run well.