About Us

Mission Statement

The Illinois High School Tennis Coaches Association has been organized to promote the sport of tennis throughout the state of Illinois.  The Association hopes to promote tennis in all of the following ways:

  • The IHSTCA promotes the highest possible standards of sportsmanship and ethical behavior among the coaches and players in the state. The IHSTCA encourages sportsmanship with awards for players and coaches.  The IHSTCA expects our members to promote the ethical behavior that makes tennis a unique high school sport.
  • The IHSTCA strives to continue the great working relationship with the Illinois High School Association. 
  • The IHSTCA works to continue the relationship with the USTA at the district, sectional, and national level to promote our sport of tennis.
  • The IHSTCA promotes the knowledge of, and adherence to the USTA Code of Conduct for players, coaches, and spectators. The IHSTCA promotes the knowledge of, and adherence to the IHSA by-laws governing student athletes. The Association also promotes the knowledge of, and adherence to the rules of tennis as covered by the USTA and the IHSA.
  • The IHSTCA is working to include all tennis coaches from the state of Illinois in our association. The IHSTCA encourages our coaches and all other people interested in the sport of tennis to be active members of the association.  The Association will then be an effective voice for our coaches and for the sport of tennis.
  • The IHSTCA works to help with the education of coaches throughout the state. The IHSTCA works to provide workshops, drill packets, and newsletters to help its members with updates on rules, new drills, skills and strategies of the sport of tennis.
  • The IHSTCA supports Illinois High School Tennis with awards for players and coaches. The IHSTCA awards players for their achievements during the season and at the state tournament.  The IHSTCA awards coaches for longevity, for success during the year, and for success during their career.

Constitution and By-Laws of IHSTCA

The 2021 990-PF tax return for the IHSTCA has been filed and is available for viewing upon request.

Email Dan Brown-Treasurer at danbrowntennis@gmail.com.

History of IHSCTA


JIM GELHAAR 1984-1988


BILL LANGE 1990-1992

MIKE HAND 1992-1994

JAY KRAMER 1994-1996


MIKE HAND 1998-2000


BOB SMITH 2002-2004


GREG COHEN 2006-2008


MATT GROSS 2010-2012

MIKE TERRY 2012-2014

GREG COHEN 2014-2018



JON BETTS  2022-


  • Jay Kramer & Bob Wood’s tennis teams played each year in Detroit. They began brainstorming ideas on establishing an Illinois Coaches Association. 
  • The 1st circa 1980. In attendance; Chairman Arlington Heights (Tom Pitchford), Evanston (Keith Anderson), New Trier (Hugh Davis), Prospect (Jim Gelhaar), Hinsdale Central (Jay Kramer), Deerfield (Chuck Morrison)
  • The first clinic was hosted by Hinsdale, with speaker Northwestern’s Coach Vandy Christy, Bloomington’s doubles team demonstrated & sack lunches were brought in.
  • Coaches Meeting was in Arlington Heights
  • Scanned programs 1973 to current & presented to Jean Walker & IHSA 40th State Tournament of the girls state programs of consolation, semi & final matches. (Now it’s forever)
  • Added nutrition & strength training speakers at Tennis Workshop.


1980-88: Fought hard to establish an association & wrote bylaws, expanding membership, getting out newsletters, promoting clinics, and having a state tournament with a team format along with individual champions. First years of the mini-state tournament for boys with a 32 team draw( Now the Pitchford Open). Reminder… there were no cell phones, fax machines or computers. Phone calls were long distance.

1988-1996: Established the Board of Directors, added more committees and chairman, put together history of state girls teams & champions for the state programs, began the awards ceremony for coaches at Woodfield RC, meetings during our Tennis Workshop, continued working with the IHSA with surveys to give coaches a voice, 1st Pitchford Sportsmanship Award, created & set up design of the Years of Service,

1996-2006: Brought in higher communication with webpage and emails, Tennis Workshop demonstrations with local high school players, designed programs for banquet, ceremony moved to lunch at Tennis Workshop, reunion of Hall Of Famers, added an Assistant Coach of the Year, Summer Team Tournament

2006-2014: Tennis Workshop to Aurora, expansion of the website to be place of record for the HS tennis, strengthened relationship with IHSA & Wilson, continued to be a part of volunteering in the State Tournaments, Twitter presence.



The 2021 Federal Annual Return for the Illinois High School Tennis Coaches Association was filed on May 3, 2018.  A copy of the return was also sent to the Attorney General of Illinois along with the Illinois Charitable Organization Annual Report.